The University of West Alabama

Human Subtitles Project

My old professor tasked his students with developing a new product along with the brand. My product consisted of a mask with a front screen that transcribes what people say. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people who are deaf or hard of hearing had difficulties understanding others, so this solution came to mind.

Check out the product idea and brand campaign I created.


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rack card

mock-up stand

Partner’s for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

The UWA PAIS 2.0 program creates the learning opportunity for students to work hands-on with landowners in the surrounding areas and provides student worker’s with quality experience in the field.

Working as the media consultant with PAIS 2.0, I designed this vertical banner to be utilized at conferences, meetings, workshops, etc. This asset specifically targets student workers and landowners while highlighting the focus areas of the program. 

Partner’s for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

I created this informational flyer to attract additional student workers with an interest in the PAIS 2.0 program. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a paid internship that offers you the quality, hands-on experience that is important for any college graduate.

UWA Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

During my time at UWA, I also assisted the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research with event marketing. The above flyer was create to attract the faculty and staff for informational workshops on how we could help their college programs.